my life has changed so much in the past two weeks. i dont even know how this happened

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can you tell that i havent slept in 48 hours?

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I like her,
She looks evil,
And I want to make her scream my name.

It has been over twenty years since the Golden Trio walked the halls of Hogwarts. Years since the last great battle of the wizarding world was fought. The threat of a dark lord has become non-existent, and many can only vaguely recall the terrors of Voldemort’s reign. The wizarding world has been at peace.

But peace is never a guarantee.

For the students of Hogwarts there’ snot a ray of darkness in sight. Everyone too pre-occupied with classes and friends to notice the whispers. Too busy trying to stay up to date on latest fashions and Quidditch teams. For them the fears of the past mean nothing, and at Hogwarts all they want to do is live their lives the way they want to.

Brand new!

TotL is an OC and canon friendly, skeleton roleplay that follows the lives of the children of the golden trio era. Character centered TotL hopes to provide a welcoming and exciting place to bring your character(s) to life! We are accepting applications on August twenty-eighth!

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on a serious note just like play it cool B) when you go out with them both you’ll be able to see if the one you’ve been texting all day is texting you because she likes you, or is texting because you and this other girl are like her otp and she’s playing cupid. you’ll also be able to like find out which one you like better i guess? if not. threesome.

thank you gay jesus! 

literally the next step is threesome lmao


you love me

no i hate you. im having an actual life problem here. be my gay jesus and help me


if you need some help there’s like at least fifty hundred porn videos with a boss and employees. 

omfg im going to kill you


holla threesome.


fuck you. did i mention im their boss?

vause-writes said: threesome.

omfg tara shut up. i have a threeway “date” with them tomorrow and im like wtf no im too awkward go away

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